Monday, 29 November 2010

Chris Moore

Earlier in the week I went to the Chris Moore photography exhibition at Northumbria University. Moore is one of the most successful catwalk photogrophers in the world. The exhibition hosts over 70 images, some for me were instantly recognisable. I thought some of the photographs had a simple striking silhouette giving them a dramatic feel. Others brandish his eye for capturing an infamous fashion moment.

Chris Moore's photographs have appeared in many reputable publications from The Times to Vogue. Moore has been working in the fashion industry for over half a cetury and has been hailed as 'An Icon of Fashion Imagery' and an 'Emperor of Catwalk Photography'.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Today I started tracing a basic block dress pattern (size 12) for a live project with Mao Couture. I then made alterations to it to reflect my design and began cutting out in calico. Above are pictures of my design and my pattern pieces laid out in the most cost effective way on the calico. I will cut these pieces out and make my toile tomorrow.